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Omni Ayurveda Triphala (pack of 3)

Omni Ayurveda Triphala (pack of 3)

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Omni Ayurveda™ Triphala special offer (pack of 3) is a 100%  ayurvedic product that helps in formulation for complete digestive care and maintaining a healthy bowel. It is made with Triphala, which helps in weight loss, increasing metabolism, energy-sustaining for both men and woman

Omni Ayurveda™ premium Triphala capsules are known to contain powerful anti-inflammatory activities. One of the most effective weight loss supplements is omni Ayurveda Triphala. It has the properties to support all three doshas and is a tridoshic Rasayana.

 100% Ayurvedic product

100% safe and natural

No Side effects


  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Supporting energy
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Improving digestion
  • Minimum fat accumulation in the body


Omni Triphala capsule contains Amla, Harar, Bahera.

Direction for use


Take one capsule twice daily at least 15-20 minutes before meals in lukewarm water or as advised by your dietician.

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